Morgue Renovation for Family Access, VA Long Beach Healthcare Center, Long Beach, CA.
Architectural/Engineering design services to renovate 5,500 square feet of existing space used for autopsies and reconfigured existing storage space for viewing and a reception area for the families. Upgraded the HVAC and exhaust system, controls, electrical system, plumbing, refrigeration, flooring, ceiling tiles as well as painting, finishes, IT, cameras, fire protection, security and controls. Redesigned administrative functions for documentation of incoming or outgoing bodies report writing, receiving, preparation and temporary storage of bodies. Designed family and police viewing and identification of bodies. Designed ADA restrooms for staff with lockers and showers. Designed areas for bodies to be held in refrigeration until autopsy is performed. Designed separate entrance for the delivery of bodies and for visiting relatives. The delivery of bodies was screened from view of patients and public. The waiting room was designed as a serene and non-institutional type with dimmable light fixtures in the viewing room. Designed ventilation systems to prevent the entry of odors from the other parts of the facility.
Project Size: 5,500 Square Feet
Scope: Architectural Design
Project Cost: $2.6M
Anatomical Pathology Lab (Clinical Lab III), VA San Diego, CA.
Architectural design services to renovate Clinical Lab Phase III at VA San Diego Medical Center include Microbiology with BSL 3 Lab, Flow Cytometry, Phlebotomy and administrative offices. The design provides Lab Furniture; exhaust hoods etc. for operational comfort of the staff. We designed counter surfaces which are easy clean for infection control. Designed Blood Draw area with patient comfort in mind. We provided blood draw stations that accommodate bariatric patients. We created calming environment to put patients at ease in Blood Draw Waiting Room.We designed Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) lab for Microbiology with Primary and Secondary barriers to protect the persons working in the Lab. We designed Ante Room and special ventilation systems.We designed the Flow Cytometry with Oncology Diagnostics, Walk-in refrigerator and Lab Equipment keeping in mind the operational flow of the functional space.
Project Size: 10,000 S.Ft.
Scope: Architectural Design
Project Costs: $4.8M
Catheterization Lab Expansion, VA San Diego, CA.
Architectural Design of existing Catheterization Laboratory to accommodate the requirements of new catheterization machine including control room, generator room, and supply storage. Area of renovation is approximately 2,300 Sq.Ft. Architectural, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC and electrical system were modified to accommodate the renovation and provide hybrid operating environment. The control room has new flooring, counter tops and was designed per new requirements of the imaging machine. Phasing plan was developed for continued operation of an adjoining lab.
Project Size: 2300 S.Ft.
Scope: Architectural Design
Project Costs: $2.5M
Design Endoscopy Renovation, VA San Diego, CA.
The architectural design of existing space into new Endoscope Processing/High Level Disinfection area including Dirty Room, Clean Room, Reading Room and Scope Storage Room. The area of renovation is approximately 600 sq. ft. New Endoscope Processing/High Level Disinfection area will adhere to VA guidelines/specifications and will meet space programming and function. Renovation will include requirements to accommodate new equipment requirements. Architectural and structural elements, as well as fire protection, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems were redesigned to meet the new parameters.
Project Size: 600 S.Ft.
Scope: Architectural Design
Project Costs: $1M
Veterans Administration, Long Beach Healthcare Center, CA. A/E Design Window Replacement Bldg 1 & 2
Architectural design services include replacing all antiquated windows in a 5-story Building & a 3-story Building at the VA Long Beach Healthcare Center, Long Beach, California. The existing windows contain lead paint and asbestos containing materials (ACM) which are carefully identified and addressed in our construction documents. This project will restore the building security, stop the on-going rain damages, air drafts, heat gains and losses by providing new Low-E insulated glazing windows with integral blinds, security grills and repair/fix all adjacent and interior areas affected by exterior window renovation. The result will improve conditions to equal or better than original in multiple locations. Our design services also include coordination with VA for different window systems such as the use of operable and fixed windows at different areas.
Additional scope of work include new structural details and calculations for the new roof anchors to support future window washing capabilities and new painting scheme of entire exterior of Building 1 & 2.

Working drawings and specifications are completed for all phases and cost estimate including separate breakout of deductive alternates to help VA and the Director of the facilities to exercise the options desired. Phasing plan is carefully studied and developed with VA input to minimize any operational interruption and suggestion for infection control to the facilities during construction.

Project Size: 15,000 Square Feet Window Replacement, 72 Units of Roof Anchors.

Project Cost: $2 Million
Veterans Administration, San Diego Healthcare Center, CA. E. P. Lab Expansion
Architectural design services include expanding the existing Electro Physiology Laboratory (EP Lab) on the 4th floor of the VA San Diego Healthcare Center, San Diego, California. The existing EP Lab was determined to be undersized for the procedures that are completed. Our scope of work include re-design of existing EP lab to meet new “Hybrid Lab” design criteria by expanding existing room with existing imaging equipment to be protected in place. The imaging equipment’s computer/ electrical Room will be relocated. Provided a re-designed Scrub Room and new in-ceiling equipment such new anesthesia boom, new equipment boom, LED surgical light and related connections. We also provided upgraded Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system to meet current VA standards.
Other scope of work include installing new signal systems and data and communication wiring, upgrading of air handling unit serving the zone including all terminal units and HVAC piping, ductwork. Provided interior design services for new area with finishes based on appearance; wear ability, etc and incorporated principle of Planetree model in the design and finish selection.

Existing asbestos in interstitial space and other hazardous materials such as existing lead walls are carefully identified and addressed by our design team. Sustainable building materials and design concept such as LED lighting, ceiling tile and flooring with high recycle contents and low VOC paint are used throughout the project.

Project Size: 850 Square Feet

Project Cost: $766,481
Replace Flooring and Finishes Various Buildings, VA Long Beach Healthcare Center, Long Beach, CA
Architectural Design Services to renovate Spinal Cord Injury Building and Radiation Therapy Building with new interior finishes and redesigned the reception area.

Incorporated principles of Planetree model of patient-centered care design for the lighting and finish selection resulting in distinctly warm, nurturing and healing environment. Designed concealed LED light cove to create a comfortable, indirect illumination in the lobby/waiting area and patient corridor. Designed curvilinear ceiling soffit and flooring with accent colors to create a vibrant feeling of the space. Created a better visual flow form lobby to patient rooms by incorporating different floor patterns and use of lighting effect.
Project Size: 16,950 Square Feet

Project Cost: $810,000
Veterans Administration, Loma Linda Healthcare Center, CA - Covered Walkway to Cancer Center
Designed covered walkway from North Entrance of the Main Hospital to proposed Cancer Center. The design included glass canopies on steel support system with color changing LED lighting. The glass canopy would glow at night with spectrum of colors and make it an interesting feature from patient rooms in the Medical Center.
Veterans Administration, West Los Angeles Healthcare Center, CA.B 500 Women’s Health Clinic
Budget: $120,000 Bid Amount: $120,000 Change Order: $0 Schedule: Under Construction (on schedule)
Quality Control: Performed on each design phase
Veterans Administration, Long Beach Healthcare Center, CA. Dedicated Therapy Pool – Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder
Provide feasibility assessment for expanding and existing Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder building in VA Long Beach Healthcare Center, Building # 150 to meet both the future growth of patient care and to provide a Dedicated Therapy Pool area for a minimum 2,000 SF pool and /or resisting current “Hydroworx” pool(s) with male and female dressing rooms, toilets, showers and SPA amenities (lockers, benches, towel/blanket heaters and heated body-blow dryers, etc.).
Our scope of work include conducting staff interviews, meetings/minutes, site visits and the preparation of Feasibility Assessment and other related reports, technical information and services.

Project Size: 12,400 Square Feet

Project Cost: $4 Million
Veterans Administration, Long Beach Healthcare Center, CA. Lock Out Tag Out Program
Budget: $126,700 (A/E Fee) Schedule: 90% LO/TO Procedure Submittal (on schedule)
Quality Control: Performed on each design phase
Centinela Area Probation Office
The Centinela Probation building provides 25,000 square feet of useable office space for staff of 152, containing offices for administration, support staff, and Probation Officers. The Public Works Building and Safety District Office is an additional 5,000 square feet of office space for a staff of 21. The parking lot accommodates 135 staff parking spaces and an additional 45 spaces for visitors. The total project costs are $21M.

SRD Management provided design management which includes managing of consultants for the soils investigations, phase I and II environmental investigation, environmental impact reports, topographical surveys, utility surveys and brown-field site remediation, preparation of scope of work, preparation of budget and schedule, management of jurisdictional reviews and approvals from Local, State and Federal Authorities, independent check estimates, and adherence to sustainable design goals. Construction Phase services included RFIs & Submittals.
Scope: Project Management / Construction Management
South Los Angeles Sheriff's Station
40,000 square foot facility includes Sheriff Station, Service Building, helistop and communication tower.
Scope: Project Management and Construction Management of Telecommunication Procurement and FFE
Carson Sheriff Station
A two story addition of 8,600 Sq. Ft. with 3,700 Sq. Ft. of existing will be renovated.
Scope: Project Management for Feasibility Study and Architectural Program.
Lennox Constituent Service Center
5,400 Sq. Ft. expansion to the Lennox Library, 4,400 Sq. Ft. Community Center, 5,300 Sq.ft. Retail/Offices, 1,300 Sq. Ft. Board Office.
Scope: Project Management for Architectural Program
Palmdale Sheriff Station
50,000 square foot facility includes Sheriff Station, Service Building, Helistop and communication tower.
Scope: Construction Management Supervisory role.
San Dimas Sheriff Station
30,000 square foot facility includes Sheriff Station, Service Building and communication tower.
Scope: Construction Management Supervisory role.
Antelope Valley Building and Safety Office Remodel
8,000 square foot facility includes one stop shop concept with Regional Planning and Health Department offices with Fire Department in adjacent spaces.
Scope: Project Management for Programming and Design.
La Puente Building and Safety Office
6,000 square foot facility includes one-stop shop concept with Regional Planning with Fire Department office.
Scope: Project Management for Architectural Program and Schematic Design.
Santa Clarita Building and Safety Office
Scope: Project Management for Architectural Program and Schematic Design.
Metro Blue Line Pedestrian Path
Scope: Project Management for Schematic Design.
Special Enforcement Bureau - Sheriff's Department.
Scope: Project Management for Architectural Program and Schematic Designs
Via Verde Parking Structure
Scope: Project Management for Feasibility Study.